Takehiro Tomiyasu has a simple theory as to why Ben White didn’t pass the ball to him.

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Takehiro Tomiyasu Arsenal defender reveal. A simple theory why did his centre-back Ben White dislike passing the ball to him. While the pair played together for the Gunners?

           Arsenal defender Takehiro Tomiyasu has explained. Why his team-mate Ben White didn’t pass the ball to him. With many Arsenal fans finding the £50million star. The Brighton side have opted out of doing so in several games. With Tomiyasu joining the Emirates for £ 17million from Serie A side. Bologna Sun can establish himself as a true member of the team. And recently the Japan international has revealed that. The reason White doesn’t pass the ball to him is not personal.

            “That’s because Ben White is a great player.” he said “Often the ball from center-back return to full-back becomes. Paying with pressure” “I also play at centre-back and passing the ball easily. Let full-backs be the last option I think. If the full-back is not under the pressure of the opponent. I will pass the ball to you. But if the wings are in front Finally, you will be pressing play. ” ” So Ben White is a great player who will not pass the ball, which put you under pressure. ” sportnews.

         Takehiro Tomiyasu has a simple theory. 

There have been speculations claiming that ‘White’ distrusted the Japanese national team on the pitch. When they spent their lives at Arsenal together. But a more probable explanation is that In terms of the game he mentor by coach Marcelo Bielsa. With White playing under Leeds manager. While on loan at the Championship club during the 2019 season. -20. Which later help Leeds gain promotion to the Premier League is believed to have disliked. The centre-back having his centre-backs pass each other between full-backs. 

            In the master Miyazu has played every game since arriving in north London in late August until Cedric So Ares and Calamba Chambers out of the team. The Japan international has only missed 28 minutes of his 13 appearances in the English top-flight, with the missing 28 minutes coming in his team’s debut on the 11th. September 2021, in a 1-0 win over Norwich City for which he was substituted in the 62nd minute. 

            White with the Japanese national team defender Keep a valuable clean sheet during the 3-0 victory over Southampton at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday December 11, 2021. When Alexandre Lacazette was The scorer opened the door for the Gunners after 20 minutes. Before Martin Odegaard add the net six minutes later and Brazilian defender Gabriel Magalles. Scored a goal to bury the Southern Saint Army in the second half.