Ruben Dias weird defense against Leeds goes viral

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A clip of Manchester City’s Portuguese Ruben Dias weird defense went viral. Because of the strange gesture he made during last night’s Premier League game.

            Manchester City ‘s performance was almost flawless. As they opened the home ground to a massive 7-0win over Leeds United in the Premier League on Tuesday night (Tuesday 14 December 2021). The team are currently in a critical injury crisis and Pep Guardiola’s men took full advantage at the Etihad Stadium. Where they were scored by Phil Foden , Jack Grealish, Kevin De Bruyne (2 goals), Riyad Mahrez, John Stones and Nathan Ake. 

            Portuguese defender Ruben Dias started the game. Playing 64 minutes before being substituted. The 24-year-old defender. Who put on another brilliant display is having the clip go viral online world. For his great effort to stop an opponent’s cross at the end of the first half. When Dias found himself in the box and he did well to block Junior Firpo ‘s cross.

            Unfortunately for Dias. The ball landed on Jack Harrison. Who ran straight towards the Portuguese defender. At that moment Dias lost his footing. However as he could see that he did his best to prevent his opponent from kicking the ball in balancing with a push-up position. And pushing back to block the ball. The moment went so viral online that netizens couldn’t help but laugh at his dedication.

            Many people described it as a very strange gesture. At the same time, it’s also a funny defensive move. Although he succeeded in intercepting the first cross. But he made Harrison’s opener unscathed and Leeds’ attack in the end was unsuccessful. This event, many fans who have seen this clip have come out with overwhelming comments such as… 

            “Look at him, moving like a movie The Matrix”, “It’s funny to watch” , “Who saw Dias doing a push-up in that moment”, “He did a breakdance during the game”, “It It’s easy for Man City to see Dias do that lunge backwards”, “art of defense”, “extremely proud. He will do anything to help the team. What a great leader”, “Look at that guy 😭😭”