Riquelme supports Xavi Hernandez to work as a Barca trainer.

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Boca Juniors vice-president Juan Roman Riquelme believes Xavi Hernandez will do well as Barcelona coach.

Former Barcelona midfielder Juan Roman Riquelme is another supporter of Xavi Hernandez working as Azul Grana’s coach. After the trainers are struggling to turn the situation around the Catalunya giants. As reported by Marca on Tuesday.

Riquelme arrived in Saudi Arabia as vice-president of Boca Juniors for a friendly against Barcelona that was held in honor of Argentine legend Diego Maradona. Martenstein, who died last year 

While Xavi Hernandez takes over as Azul Grana’s replacement from Ronald Koeman. The Barca legend has yet to turn the tide overnight. Made a record in charge of the team playing 6 games, 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses. And was eliminated from the group stage of the Champions League. After a 0-3 defeat by Bayern Munich despite being just behind fourth-placed Atletico Madrid five points. But Azul Grana are 18 points clear of leaders Real Madrid. Despite the whites playing more than one game. 

It is clear that Xavi has a big job in his hands with limited support. Especially the budget for military reinforcements Including the current team. That is still inferior to many of Liga’s top clubs and is not superior to the lower feudal teams. As it was in the past 1-2 decades but Riquelme who played with Xabi in The years 2002-2005 continued the work of the 41-year-old trainer.

‘Xavi is one of the most important players in the history of Spain’

‘Barca with him on the pitch, it was a period and I hope as a trainer. He will have fun too.’

‘He is at home. in his club And people are happy each day with him again.’

‘And now you have to give him time. I have no doubt he will do well,’ said Riquelme.

Riquelme moved from Boca Juniors to Barcelona in the summer of 2002, but he only played for one season at Barca. before moving to Villarreal on a two-season loan contract and signing a permanent contract with the Yellow Submarine after Until deciding to return to Boca Juniors in 2007 and step up as the club’s current vice president. But the 43-year-old insists Azul Grana will always be in his heart.

‘The feeling of Barca is always the best. I’m lucky to be able to play European football, thanks to the club and because if so. I’m always thankful it’s only one year But I really enjoyed it.’