Mikel Arteta reveals Auba’s return to football following West Ham slash.

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Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager came out to reveal. The chance of a return to the team of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after the Gunners’ game against West Ham United in the Premier League last night.

            Mikel Arteta open the door wide for that. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will return to Arsenal football team this weekend. Although referred to not wanting to talk about that matter. The forward sack as the Gunners’ captaincy earlier this week. But the Gunners continue to perform well without him in last night’s Premier League campaign. December 2021 with a 2-0 home win over West Ham thanks to goals from Gabriel Martinelli and Emile Smith Rowe.

            Arsenal emerged victorious despite Alexandre Lacazette. Who once again wore the captain’s armband after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang  will not score a penalty. With the Gunners scoring both goals in the second half. The first ball in the 48th minute from the stroke that. Lacazette stab through the channel for Martinelli to touch the ball into the penalty area. Before shooting with the right hand through Lukasz Fabianski. Inserted the base of the far post. The other ball was obtained in the 87th minute from the counter-attack. Bukayo Saka deposited the ball to Emile Smith Rowe. The substitute dragged into the middle of the penalty area before breaking a shot from the left in front of the 18-yard box, crashing into the post. beauty drops 

            In the 67th minute, the visitors were left with just 10 players left from the moment Vladimir Sufal  intercepted Lacazette into the penalty area. The referee takes the second yellow card to turn red. Along with a penalty for the Gunners, but from this moment Lacazette rose to kill to save Fabianski. Who jumped to round, finished 90 minutes, Arsenal slashed West Ham United 2-0, collecting 3 points, played 17 games with 29 points, moved up to fourth place temporarily. While The Hammers played 17 matches with 28 points. dropped to 5th place

            When Arenal announce that Aubameyang had remove from the captaincy he was remove from
Competing in the game against. The Hammers as well And Arteta doesn’t want to talk about it after the game. When asked when he would return.

 The Spanish coach revealed that

            “There is no news to tell. We’ll talk about that another day, “ ” he is not eligible for this game, just that, and the game was over, ” Arteta told BT Sport when asked if he would take part in the weekend or. no Arteta said: “We will discuss this issue in the near future” , “He [La Saint Matt] was the next to be served to everyone. With such pride and determination And I’m very happy with the way he plays.