Ghost update Victor Lindelof symptoms not related to covid.

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Manchester United Football Club inform the progress of defender Victor Lindelof that. He has undergo a detailed examination for irregular heartbeats. It is in the process of investigation for diagnosis. But confirm that it has nothing to do with COVID-19.

Linder Loveland breathing problems from the last game beat Norwich 1-0. And had to change out the Eric Bryson twenty races of the last statement. The club captain identify Swedish poise under close supervision from the medical team.

” Victor Lindelof now enters the investigation process to monitor symptoms ” the official website said.  

“ However he has now recover well from his experience of playing against Norwich. And the symptoms shown have nothing to do with the current COVID- 19 outbreak in the club. ” 

The coronavirus outbreak in the Aon Training Complex push United’s game to Brentford on Tuesday to be postponed.  

First-team training has suspend in order to minimize the risk of the outbreak. He is also believe to be back racing partner 12:30 pm. Saturday showed Brighton.   

Lindelof’s wife Maja has revealed that her husband has been given a heart monitor as club doctors try to understand the cause of the problems he suffered.

In a blog entry posted on Monday, she wrote: “It was a scary match to watch and Victor was very concerned afterwards. Yesterday he did a lot of tests and has a heart monitor on for two days to make sure everything is OK.

“Everything seems to be OK as luck would have it and we are waiting for answers to the last tests that will end tomorrow.” according to report by ufabet