David Moyes chants one West Ham player after Arsenal defeat.

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West Ham United manager David Moyes has criticized his players following their 2-0 defeat to Arsenal in the Premier League last night.

          West Ham United manager  David Moyes claim he is very disappointe. With the way Vladimir Sufal conceded a penalty against Arsenal football team last night (Wednesday 15 December 2021) in this Premier League game. The Gunners are in control and control perfectly. They were able to score the opening goal of the game in the second half from Gabriel Martinelli ‘s strike. But a one-goal lead meant West Ham still had a chance of getting back into the game.

           However Sufal who has already had a yellow card. Returning to foul Alexandre Lacazette in the penalty area. The Czech national team player is clearly in possession of the ball. But his next action after that was to hit the shin against Arsenal’s No.9. Who fell in pain refer Anthony Taylor decided to point to the penalty spot and handed a yellow card. A second card for the defender West Ham fans were displeased with the decision. But Moyes believes Sufal is to blame, not the referee. 

The Hammers manager told BBC Match of the Day head after the game that.

           “I was most disappointed with the way we lost the penalty” “We missed the header and the defenders got involved in difficult situations. But Vladimir was the one who made the referee make some decisions . By nipping the ball out with your toes or knocking the ball out or blocking the ball nicely. because he only touches the top of the ball. So his feet could go on. But he made Anthony Taylor make that decision.” 

  Interview with BT Sport. Moyes added: “I think Anthony Taylor might have done the right thing. I think he’s got the ball. But Vladimir Sufal could have touched the ball better and could have just nudged the ball away with his toes. Or he needs to touch the ball more fully.”

           Managers don’t usually come out to support referees’ role in their players. But the spirit of Moyes who dare to say this, however, Su Escuela fans and West Ham have the right to say that it has treat unfairly because if the referee did point to the penalty spot. VAR will not intervene. And Moyes’ disappointment is understandable as Sufald could have actually done better. But the Gunners were clearly the better team last night and they deserve the three points in the end.