Bruno Lach reveals Wolves are following coronavirus-free rules.

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Bruno Lach head coach of Wolverhampton Wanderers reveal. The situation within the team that everyone is safe and no one infect with covid-19.

The Premier League is struggling with many football teams having players infect with COVID-19 vary greatly. And the games Brighton and Hove Albion meet Tottenham Hotspur and Brentford meet Manchester United have already postpone due to the Golden Spikes. And the Red Devils kicked multiple infections.

“We don’t have anyone infected with coronavirus everyone is in good health right now. We follow the rules attend the meeting wearing a mask. But the most important decision is full vaccination. Everyone in our building is fully vaccinated.” Bruno Lach said ahead of Wednesday’s Premier League game away to Brighton.

For the work of Wolves have lost two games in a row. It was a 0-1 defeat against Liverpool in stoppage time and lost to Manchester City on the same score from the problem penalty spot. While before that draw with Norwich and Burnley came without a goal in both games.

Football Club Wolverhampton Wanderers Won’s ( England : Wolverhampton, to Wanderers on Football, Club ) is a football club from the city. Wolverhampton in the West Midlands of England, founded in 1877, often referred to as Daun Jeeves currently competing in the Premier League. The top league in England.