what causes hair loss? Let’s find the answer?

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What causes hair loss? Let’s find the answer?

Do you know that the truth. That human hair or hair tends to fall out every day and without most people realizing it because even. If we wash our hair it can cause our hair to fall out? And the reason is because the number of hairs. That fall is so small that we don’t notice it. But the danger signals really begin to occur only when our hair starts to fall out more than 30 – 40 strands per day. Many people will experience You’re already wondering, ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app right? Why is it like that? Before we go to understand, let’s understand the causes of hair loss more. Find ways to prevent it so that our hair stays with us for a long time. Today we will tell you the main causes. Let’s take a look and see what the causes are.

Human hair can divide into two main parts: the hair root and The hair (the part that grows above the scalp) and inside our hair. It consists of protein and keratin, and keratin acts to prevent Absorbs various substances and can help Reduce dangers from sunlight Including being the main nutrient for our hair.

The main causes of hair loss

 The causes of hair loss can be divided into two main factors: factors within our own body and factors. That cannot controll, and next are factors outside the body that affect us. This factor will be caused by the surrounding environment. All the way to our actions on our hair each day, what we do with our hair. External factors can taken care of to reduce the causes of hair loss. Surely there are people who wondering, right? These 2 main factors, if taken Let’s talk and expand. What can we explain? Let’s go look and find the answer.

Factors within our body that are the cause of hair loss.

For factors within our body. That are the cause that can cause by abnormalities within our body and which cannot be controlled or determined, making solving the problem of hair loss from this factor a difficult matter. A lot. Factors in the body that cause are as follows: 

  • Hair loss is cause by – genetics.
  • hormonal abnormalities 
    • Hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
    • Thyroid hormone ( Thyroid stimulating hormone)
  • stress.

Factors outside the body that cause hair loss.

            For that has its causes. Caused by external factors. The daily lifestyle that most people harm their own hair without realizing it. Can start from bathing to food, which can be divided into 2 parts that cause hair loss as follows:

  • Hair loss is cause by – direct damage to the hair.
    • Perming, straightening, coloring hair, straightening hair, and blow drying hair regularly.
    • Washing your hair with warm water or washing your hair too harshly
    • Combing your hair while it’s wet
    • is cause by indirect damage to the hair.
    • Losing weight the wrong way
    • Eating spicy food
    • Drinking alcohol, smoking, these behaviors will result in the contraction of blood vessels in the hair.