How to eat raw eggs safely?

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In general, eating raw eggs is not recommended. If you want or need to eat, you should pay close attention to cleanliness and safety in the process of purchasing, storing, and preparing food. To reduce the risk of Salmonella contamination in raw eggs as much as possible.

  Such as :

  • Buy only raw eggs that have been pasteurized or disinfected. Consumers can notice this from the egg packaging. It is often clearly stated that it has been sterilized. or free of Salmonella germs UFABET  
  • Choose to purchase eggs that are kept in a low-temperature area or that are kept regularly cool in a freezer or refrigerator.
  • Clean the eggs with warm water and soap. Then store the eggs in the refrigerator at the appropriate temperature. Eggs should not be kept at room temperature. This may cause bacteria to grow rapidly. 
  • Do not buy or use eggs that have expired. Eggs that are cracked or dirty are eaten. 
  • Always wash your hands and all kitchen equipment thoroughly when preparing or cooking food that contains. Especially when handling raw eggs with your bare hands. This is to prevent bacterial contamination from food or kitchen equipment .

However, the best way to reduce the risk of harm from raw eggs is to not eat. and turned to eating cooked eggs instead. But for consumers who are still unable to quit eating . They should always be careful when purchasing and preparing food.