Guidelines for safe dietary supplement consumption.

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Before taking any type of dietary supplement. You should consider and seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist who is an expert on issues. Such as the general health benefits of consuming such dietary supplements. Benefits and suitability for the physical condition of those who wish to consume. Safety and possible risks, methods, dosage, and appropriate time for consumption, etc.

Check the information on the product label before consuming about the type of supplement. Ingredients in dietary supplements and important information for consumers. Such as methods of consumption and side effects that have occurred to other consumers

Do not consume dietary supplements to treat suspected illnesses. But I have not received a diagnosis and advice from a doctor that I should consume such dietary supplements.


Do not consume dietary supplements in place of medication. or consumed together with any type of medicine If there is no doctor’s order

If you must undergo surgery or undergo any treatment, always inform your doctor first about what kind of supplements you are taking.

People who are planning to have children are pregnant, or are breastfeeding. Extreme caution must be exercised when using any dietary supplement. Because of the chemicals that the body receives. May be passed on to children and can cause side effects that are harmful to the baby. Therefore, you should always consult a doctor first and consume dietary supplements strictly as prescribed by the doctor.

Even though it is a product that is known to be a natural extract. But the ingredients in dietary supplements are not always proven to be safe for consumers. Dietary supplements may contain chemicals that can affect the health of consumers if consumed incorrectly. Or it may cause side effects to some consumers who have allergic reactions to drugs or any substances as well. Therefore, consumers who need to take dietary supplements. Always be careful when consuming.