5 ways to eat durian safely for health

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durian face There are always people who get sick because of durian. So how can we enjoy durian safely against various diseases?

Pornfah Ananphaisan, a Chinese physician at the Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine Center center of medical excellence Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University states that there are many varieties of durian in Thailand, such as Monthong, Gibbons, Kan Yao, etc. Each species has slightly different nutritional values. สมัคร ufabet

The USDA Nutrient Database records that 100 grams of durian flesh contains 174 kcal, 27.09 grams of carbohydrates, and also contains fiber, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Chinese medicine Classify durian as a sweet, spicy, hot fruit that is beneficial to health , such as

  1. nourishes the spleen
  2. Increase Qi (breath)
  3. kidney care
  4. Add yang, add warmth to the body.
  5. There are lines in food that help promote the functioning of the excretory system.
  6. contains beta-carotene Help nourish eyesight.
  7. Contains folate that helps form red blood cells
  8. contains antioxidants Helps reduce deterioration in the body’s cells. (If eaten in the right amount)

Durian is therefore suitable for people with a weak body, low blood or spirit.

However, the medical profession does not recommend eating durian for good benefits. to the body as above Because the benefits of durian come with high carbohydrates and sugar, so eating a lot of durian therefore causing more harm than benefit

Chinese medicine states that Durian is a tropical fruit. Consuming too much durian causes the body to accumulate too much heat. May have negative effects on the body such as

  • Heat in the mouth, sores in the mouth
  • sore throat
  • constipation

Those whose body is rather hot, yin depleted, should eat durian in moderation, not too much.

A group of people who should be especially careful when eating durian.

group of patients with underlying diseases such as 

  • Diabetes because durian is high in sugar. May cause the body to not control blood sugar levels well enough.
  • high blood pressure Durian has high energy. and has a hot effect May cause blood pressure to rise.
  • Kidney disease Durian is a fruit that is high in potassium. If the body can’t excrete excess potassium in time It can cause the kidneys to work too hard.
  • coronary artery If potassium from durian accumulates in the body too much can cause cardiac arrhythmias

Including everyone who needs to control blood sugar. Durian should be consumed in moderation. not too much

Things that should not be eaten with durian

  • Alcohol can make your face flush, numb, dizzy, or vomit. And both foods are high in energy. It can cause blood sugar to rise rapidly.
  • Caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea can cause headaches.
  • Mangosteen may have heard that mangosteen has a cool effect that helps balance the body from eating durian that has a hot effect. But in fact, durian and mangosteen are both high sugar fruits. Therefore, they should not be eaten together. and should not be eaten in excessive amounts

how to eat durian safe for health

  1. The Department of Health recommends eating durian no more than 2 medium grains per day because eating 4-6 durian grains is equivalent to drinking up to 2 cans of soft drinks or equivalent to a total of 400 kilocalories of energy.
  2. You shouldn’t eat durian often. Eat durian in a row every meal or every day because it will cause you to get too much energy.
  3. when to eat durian Should reduce the food group of rice, flour, sugar, carbohydrates, very sweet food, high fat food, and greasy food so that the body does not receive more energy than required each day.
  4. Avoid eating foods containing or modified from durian. along with eating fresh durian such as fried durian, durian paste, durian ice cream
  5. When to eat durian Don’t forget to exercise regularly as well.